My writing journey.

In 2013, I wondered what would happen if I tried to turn
one of my many short stories into a full-length novel.
The result? A truly terrible novel. 

But! The seed was planted and I wrote another,
and another, and another (and many others). 

I find inspiration for my writing all around:

In beautiful words, like the craft of Anthony Doerr.

In razor-sharp storytelling, like Andy Weir.

On screen, with everything from Amadeus to The Italian Job.

And in music, from Adele to Mumford and Mozart.

It is an absolute dream to be represented
by Sara Megibow of KT Literary

What I'm working on.

NOT JUST ISAAC'S SKY is a deeply personal story
about a boy and his telescope, and I hope to bring
you more news about this story soon! 


Until then, to the left is my novel aesthetic,
which teases the story in pics.